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    Streamline all your agencies under MyHiringBox and manage engagements through one portal. We simplify the entire process of working with agencies/freelancers/Jobseekers, so you can focus on hiring the best talent, faster.



  • Speed: MyHiringBox provides ability to auto scan profiles quickly using match making algorithm to pre screen/filter candidate profiles quickly to provide real time short listing. This helps employers, recruitment agencies to screen relevant profiles faster to Interview/submission.

  • Cost: you get an ability to set your own placement fee & stay away from any negotiations from different recruitment agencies. Standardize it and let the whole world work to get you the best talent. Isn’t it better?

  • Efficiency: - It takes weeks to meet and brief multiple recruitment agencies & negotiate fees/terms before you receive candidates in offline model. We act as a catalyst to accelerate this process to fill jobs faster.

  • Exponential Reach: We broaden your scope of requisition reaching out to the world quickly in terms of agencies, individual recruitment specialist & candidates, who could apply instantly. You don’t know where your right fit talent is?

  • Centralized: Everything comes over the cloud. Manage your entire recruitment suppliers online. Arrange screening, interviews & communication using single platform.

  • Support: Our dedicated solution specialist help you with everything from posting vacancies, internal/external communication with recruitment teams, scheduling interviews to final closure. How easy, no?


Choose Your Own Placement Fees
Ranging From a Minimum of 2.5% to 30%
Annual Salary: ₹  / Year
Placement Fees (%)  
Placement Fees ₹ 50,000.00
  • 2.5%-10% - Recommended if salary offered is between 5L – 15L
  • 11% - 20% - Recommened if salary offered is between 16L – 30L
  • 21% - 30% - if salary is above 30L

Employers get a 90 days evaluation period

– If for any reason, the candidate does not work out within the 90 days evaluation period, you get a free replacement candidate.

Placement Fees


Placement agencies

Placement fees paid after 45 days of joining of placed candidate with 90 days free replacement guarantee.


Recruiters/Freelance Recruiters

Placement fees paid after 90 days of joining of placed candidate.


Job Seekers

Joining bonus paid after 90 days of joining.

About MyHiringBox

MyHiringBox is a ground breaking recruiting platform that brings employers, independent recruiters and individuals together to match top quality talent with great positions, and make the experience extremely rewarding for everyone involved.


Our team is composed of individuals with extensive experience in recruiting, business and technology. Our core focus is providing a technologically advanced, new and revolutionary way to match great jobs with great candidates.


We strive to challenge the status quo of the traditional recruiting process. We see a future where independent recruiters and individuals can seamlessly work with employers to fill open positions faster, improve quality of hire and significantly reduce cost per hire.


Does outsourcing human resource function makes sense

Whether being a small startup or a multinational firm, it can be extremely annoying to spend hours and hours to review resumes of applicants

2016 The new era in recruitment technology!

2016 will be full of new resolutions and revolutions for improvement within the HR industry. Technology is on its rise within the sector and pre-screening software is taking the lead towards enhancement in quality hire and recruitment process acceleration.

Too many Applicants..Too little time.

Even in periods of high unemployment, there are open jobs. Jobs that companies simply can’t fill. It’s not that candidates are unqualified for the positions necessarily, there are just too many of them for each opening.



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